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Landscape plants need water!

Summers are getting longer and hotter, or at least it seems. The warmer weather and lack of rainfall can be disastrous on lawn turf and specimen plantings throughout the landscape of our homes and businesses. And while it seems that grass and plants “go dormant” in the summer, they cannot go very long at all without a consistent source of water and its reliable application to the landscape. An installed lawn irrigation system by Fairfield Irrigation is a smart, economical, and efficient way to keep landscapes green and healthy even during the driest months of the year.

A lack of water can cause serious damage to specimen plants and lawn turf and can affect plants even if they are occasionally sprayed down. That’s because plants absorb water and nutrients through their roots. A plant’s roots may reach down far enough below the surface of the soil that occasional or insufficient watering may do very little to relieve the plant of the stresses of dehydration. Consistent and thorough watering is needed for the plants to continue to grow and thrive in the landscape.

Once absorbed into the roots, the plant distributes water throughout its tissues, up the stem, and outward toward the leaves. Tiny pores in the plant’s leaves, called stomates, let water then evaporate into the atmosphere in a process known as “transpiration.” The continued loss of moisture by a plant via transpiration can cause the plant to wilt. The amount water lost needs to be replaced through the root system by effective irrigation.

Why water?

According to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University, “water is required for the normal physiological processes of all plants. It is the primary medium for chemical reactions and movement of substances through the various plant parts. Water is an essential component in photosynthesis and plant metabolism, including cell division and enlargement. It is important also in cooling the surfaces of land plants by transpiration. Water is a primary yield-determining factor in crop production. Plants with insufficient water respond by closing the stomata, leaf rolling, changing leaf orientation and reducing leaf and stem growth and fruit yield.”

They also advise, “There are critical growth periods when water stress is most detrimental. It is imperative that a good moisture supply be maintained during seed germination and seedling emergence from the soil. Water transplanted plants immediately. Many shallow-rooted plants and newly planted trees and shrubs suffer water stress. Wilting followed by browning leaf tips and edges are signs of water stress.


Why Fairfield Irrigation?

Fairfield Irrigation is a full-service lawn and shrub irrigation systems company that is family owned and operated. With more than 15 years of experience, Fairfield Irrigation specializes in installing and servicing both residential and commercial sprinkler systems. We will not only custom design and install your irrigation system, but will also service and maintain it for the life of the system! As a residential sprinkler company, we provide irrigation systems for flower and vegetable gardens, lawns and arboretums, greenhouse misters and drip irrigation systems. We also provide commercial sprinkler systems for equestrian businesses, farms, municipal parks, schools, condos, co-ops, golf courses and country clubs.




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