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A typical lawn irrigation system typically consists of pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, and a centralized controller for the system. Valves control the delivery of water to each part of the system (zones), and each zone controls the irrigation of a specific area of the landscape. The controller is often electrically powered and it controls a timer for each of the valves in the system. An electrical impulse activates a solenoid that opens and closes the valve. Damage to the controller, wires, or valves can be the source of the problem when your lawn sprinkler system isn’t performing as it should.

Signs of lawn sprinkler system malfunctions

Leaks or wet spots around sprinkler heads when the system is off are often signs of a broken pipe within the irrigation system, or the trouble may be what professionals call “low-head drainage.”

A broken pipe can leak water even when the irrigation system is not turned on. Water in the main feed pipe of the system is under constant pressure. Check valves keep the pipes to the sprinkler heads from the same pressure. When there is a crack in the main feed pipe, the water pressure will cause a constant leakage that may become readily noticeable. Cracks in the lateral lines to each sprinkler head may be less noticeable as they will only reveal evidence of a leak when the system is actually turned on.

Low-head drainage means that one sprinkler head is below the grade of the other sprinkler heads in the system. Therefore, when the system is shut off, any remaining water in the sprinkler head pipes will drain to the lowest level in the system. This may cause consistent puddling and flooding around a specific point in the system. Most often the problematic zone can be shut off and isolated from the system until it can be repaired.

Repair and maintenance

The pipes, valves, and wires of a home lawn sprinkler system are most typically installed underground and out of sight of the casual observer. The wires should follow the path of the pipes as they control the valves within the pipes, so finding these together is a plus when a repair is needed. A handy tool for the homeowner or lawn irrigation sprinkler maintenance company is a schematic or map of the sprinkler system as it was designed when first installed. A map like this can help you locate and isolate a system problem more reliably than searching blind.

A professional service company for lawn irrigation systems like Fairfield Irrigation can be the best friend your lawn and its sprinkler system have ever had. Fairfield Irrigation installs, repairs, and maintains water delivery systems like lawn sprinklers to full-scale agricultural irrigation. Their years of experience and knowledge are relied upon to keep Fairfield County and surrounding areas green and cared for while saving water, time, and money for their customers. When it comes time to repair, maintain, or install a lawn irrigation system for your property, rely on Fairfield Irrigation.

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