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Your lawn will be greener, thicker, and healthier with a lawn sprinkler system professionally installed by Fairfield Irrigation. A home irrigation system saves water, saves time, and keeps your efforts to a minimum. Fairfield Irrigation custom designs, installs, and maintains residential landscape sprinkler systems and will also service and maintain it for the life of the system. Fairfield Irrigation builds irrigation systems for lawns and arboretums, flower and vegetable gardens, greenhouse misters and drip irrigation systems throughout Fairfield County. We also provide commercial sprinkler systems for equestrian businesses, farms, municipal parks, schools, condos, co-ops, golf courses and country clubs!

How it works.
Your sprinkler system can be configured with a variety of options to water your lawn. Through the system interface, or controller, you can schedule your system to activate at specific times during the day or on certain days of the week. The system controller sends an electronic signal to the system’s valves that are located in the control valve box (usually located outside the dwelling). The valve control box will then open some or all of the circuits, or zones, of your system based on the information programmed through the controller and begin to spray water onto the landscape.

Let it flow.
Water flows through the underground pipes of the systems as directed by the control valve box and to the individual sprinkler heads in that zone. The sprinkler head activates (that is, it pops up by water pressure) and begins to spray water on your lawn and shrubs. A backflow prevention device, or check valve, keeps household water separate the water in the irrigation system to prevent contaminated water from backing into the potable water supply.

Be clear.
Most problems with a lawn irrigation system can be specific to the sprinkler heads that are countersunk throughout the property. The sprinkler heads are the most active part of the irrigation system and are the first place to look for an issue. Here’s what to look for:
• Cracked or broken sprinkler heads (usually by lawn mowers or vehicle traffic)
• Clogged or obstructed sprinkler heads
• Erratic or irregular spray patterns
• Malfunctioning valves
• Leaky or broken pipes under the soil’s surface
• Electrical issues in the controller or the control valve box

Fairfield Irrigation is a full-service lawn and shrub irrigation systems company in Fairfield, CT that is family owned and operated. With more than 15 years of experience, Fairfield Irrigation specializes in installing and servicing both residential and commercial sprinkler systems. If you’re experiencing problems with your irrigation system in Fairfield County, or if you’re considering an irrigation system for your home or business, talk to the professionals at Fairfield Irrigation.

Fairfield Irrigation Inc. are the experts in sprinkler repairs, garden irrigation systems and lawn sprinkler systems in Fairfield County, Stamford CT, Greenwich CT, Fairfield CT, the 06830 zip code area and Westport CT contact Fairfield Irrigation Inc. today: 203-885-4911

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